Why invest in the UAE

Our mission

The Ministry of Investment is dedicated to unifying national efforts in steering the United Arab Emirates toward an innovative and prosperous future and diversifying it into a sustainable economy.

Guided by the principles of global positioning; economic growth; security, sustainability and infrastructure; and social and government affairs, our mission is to orchestrate the country's investment strategy, facilitate Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) between the UAE and other nations, and enhance the country's reputation as a leading global investment hub.

Four priorities for the Ministry of Investment:

Global positioning:
Economic growth:
Security, sustainability and infrastructure:
Social and government affairs:
Global Positioning:
The Ministry of Investment aims to position the UAE as a world-class investment hub and accelerate FDI by building awareness around the UAE’s investment story and economic growth.
Economic Growth:
The Ministry of Investment aims to expand strategic economic areas and broaden global economic ties by communicating updates on investment projects, initiatives, transactions, and other important investor news.
Security, Sustainability, and Infrastructure:
The Ministry of Investment aims to promote sustainable investment by continuing to position the UAE as a secure and sustainable business environment that supports FFIs.
Social and Government Affairs:
The Ministry of Investment aims to develop human capital

“Investing in the UAE can be attractive for several reasons”

Overall, investing in the UAE can offer investors access to a dynamic and growing economy, favorable business conditions, and strategic opportunities in a key global region.
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Why invest in the UAE

The UAE prioritises long-term national goals by building a secure, safe, and sustainable economy. Investment plays a key role, serving as a cornerstone in establishing a robust and diversified economic landscape.

This commitment has yielded impressive outcomes: GDP growth over the past decade has remained at an average of 7%. According to the World Investment Report 2023 by UNCTAD, FDI inflows to the UAE in 2022 reached USD22.737 billion, marking a substantial 10% increase from the previous year. This ranked the UAE 16th globally in FDI inflows for 2022.

The Ministry of Investment will enhance key economic indicators through strategic policies and initiatives, ensuring continuous growth and maturity. The investment landscape has already demonstrated robust health, evident in the market value surge of the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) and Dubai Financial Market (DFM) by AED220 billion in the first half of 2023.


Abu Dhabi’s Market Cap saw an exceptional 60% increase to AED2.62 trillion last year, driven by multiple listings. Similarly, DFM experienced a more than 40% rise, exceeding AED580 billion. Both markets have sustained liquidity, showcasing investor confidence.


Advancements in transport, connectivity, and the ongoing energy transition contribute to the UAE’s growing allure as an investment destination and make the country’s infrastructure unrivaled.